The Story of La Rose Des Vents

on Wednesday, 28 October 2015. Posted in News & Events

The Story of La Rose Des Vents

Andrew Giles, their nephew, has joined the Hilton community and his family at the farm with the aim of developing the newly built entertainment venue into a functioning center for all kinds of celebrations. With years of experience in running and operating various venues and restaurants around the world he feel it is now time to come home and build something for the community and for the family.

The family have a strong ethos for organic, locally sourced and sustainable produce and are, refreshingly, open to new ideas and creating personalized menus and experiences for each group which comes to the venue. This is an incredibly welcoming venue and the family team at Farm number 4, on the D494, just off the Hilton College road, is waiting to host any function you may bring them, from weddings through to year end Christmas celebrations or birthdays and product launches.

If you have yet to book your business year-end celebration, or a birthday bash, or perhaps there is a wedding coming up in the family, call La Rose and see what they can do for you.

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